AV SAT excels in outstanding customer service and offers products, which have the value, quality, performance and upgradeable features that will exceed all your expectations.


Our industry experience and innovations in product solution, make AV SAT one of the best satellite equipment distribution and support solution in the Eastern Cape.


We are a nationwide provider of managed coordination for multi-site commercial satellite installation projects — providing total, value-based products and services from start to finish. With over 500 satellite installations in and around Port Elizabeth over the past 5 years, we have the knowledge and experience to meet all your installation requirements.





We offer you a wide range of DSTV decoders, cables and dish satellites

wireless connection

Rely on our expertise, knowledge and know-how and let us set up your wireless connections


Our qualified staff will surprise you with their speed and skill

Let us manage your next wave of commercial installations or site upgrades.

Our knowledgeable team will make this a hassle-free experience!

  Apartment Buildings

  Assisted Living Facilities

  Nursing Homes

Senior Living Facilities

  Cable TV Alternatives

  Clinics & Healthcare Facilities

  Hospitals and Clinics


  Commercial Hotels & Lodging

  Correctional Facilities

  Professional Offices

  Dorms & Educational Facilities

  Government Facilities

  Gyms and Health Clubs

  Schools & Universities


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